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08-Dec-2019 07:25

In 2016, she was seen with a nametag that said "Kalel Smith" and has not used Cullen in years. In her last Queen Beeuty video, she announced she would no longer make beauty videos but post a video once or twice a month on her new channel, cozplai, where she would be posting tutorials showing how to make cosplay costumes for her favourite characters.

Kalel met Anthony in 2010 at a party, and after a month of being friends, they started dating on October 10th, 2010. Cozplai did not recieve more than 100,000 subscribers during its running period.

This is just the most ridiculous break-up text ever. You refused to update your relationship status on Facebook Get a life 2.

First off – the fact that break-up texts are a thing is bullsh*t. You won’t include me in thing like the wedding this weekend.

They had made plans to get married on October 10, 2015.

Her birth name is Kristin Smith, but she decided to change her name to Kalel, since it suited her more (and she's a big fan of Superman). Kalel posted beauty videos on her former You Tube channel Queen Beeuty.

and Munroe Bergdorf, trans women finding their inner power through a unique beauty clinic, and queer youth receiving vital support from their gay elders after aging out of the foster system.

And so, as they shout in the streets, “We’re here, we’re queer — get used to it!

According to the OP Amy Nelmes, the editor of Ninemsn’s The Fix, this couple had been dating for a grand total of seven weeks.

You won’t disclose how many sexual partners you have had which makes me think it is upwards of 3 and anything more than that is unacceptable *&! %* *deep breath* see all of the above For anyone out there who feels we’re being a little harsh, here’s a bit more perspective. If you’ve been meeting up with someone IRL for dates and sexy times, when you dump them do it to their face. And if you really don’t have the balls to show them that smidgen of respect, but instead decide to send an utterly ridiculous, bullet-pointed text, you should fully expect it to go viral.

Each startup created new ideas, brainstormed, and hacked in the beautiful Swiss region of Engadin.… continue reading »

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