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We talk before and after group and he once mentioned Shelby Lynne and said: (1) she is the biggest mess he's ever met in the music business; (2) that she also has a sister [I think] who is a total mess; (3) she is ridiculously talented and nice, when she is sober/clean and (4) she is a lesbian. I think she nmust have been in a rush to gert her next bag. I don't know if they're still together romantically, but Betty (the producer's now ex-wife) is now Elizabeth Jordan, isn't she? R37, she was on a few years ago to perform a song from "Identity Crisis" and appeared again to sing with Live. Here she is in a very casual live performance, dressed down in her more tyical fashion as opposed to glammed up. It seems to me that Shelby answers the "is she or isn't she" question when talking about Betty, but the reporter just kept trying to get her to say the words: In Elizabeth, Shelby found a manager, executive producer, and best friend. My life at that time was completely uprooted; all I had was that record that I was making. "I just don't think I want to ever be a part of a group of people who want to make announcements about their personal life," she says.

R41, this isn't the entire interview but covers the lesbian questions. Love the "toolbelt" comment at the start of the video. We've depended on each other now for eight years, for everything in life. Things that are that important you keep close as you can. " she immediately interrupted with "I don't talk about my personal life." It was confusing: Shelby seemed to be demanding that The Question be asked even as she fended it off. "Because, you know, that's all you have.""Do you hate labels? I will respect her either way, but make your mind up. It is getting tiresome for her and for the public who read her interviews.

She must have fallen for Shelby later.7 August 1998The 7-year-old son of Grammy-winning producer Bill Bottrell falls to his death from a cliff on the Mendocino County coast in Northern California. If you listen to Shelby's songs they are all about her relationship with Betty who was diagnosed with cancer of the breast a couple of years ago and Shelby was devastated. Lynne's not hiding anything; she just chooses not to make an announcement from the front of a magazine cover.(This is the second time I've tried to post this message. )If the link to the real estate site doesn't work, you can try to manually type in com/ Public/Search/ Agent Search Results.aspx? I read the Times mag article and I also saw the Advocate piece - why is it so neccesary for her to make some declaration? She is what she is, maybe she doesn't like to label herself if she is bi and/or if she is strictly for the ladies, who gives a shit?

Bottrell's son, William, wanders away late in the afternoon and is later found at the bottom of the cliff. I think they are a couple made in heaven.[quote]I can't imagine smooth Alexandra Hedison will hook up with coarse Shelby. Why do we care and why does she have to be a posterchild?

She's also getting the best album sales of her career. She's admitted, at the very least, to being bisexual.

I don't think we can crucify her for not putting a label on herself.

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She knew exactly what to expect, so she was obviously okay with that line of questioning until the day of the interview.He later found his body lying on the rocks at the foot of a cliff. "I tell her that I don't know what it means to look gay."Even if I were gay, I wouldn't tell you."I apologise again, and tell her I didn't think she would regard it as such a personal question. " I finally ask."But it's not anybody's business who I sleep with or who I fuck! I had to laugh because Shelby is so proud of mowing the lawn--it's the size of a postage stamp. I'm rooting for Betty and Shelby because the things Shelby says about Betty in the R60 post seem so heartfelt, even if she won't officially out herself. Besides, they would have to be forever hiding or the media will have a field day if caught out together. If she was dating Alexandra she wouldn't be going on about not making any anouncements or beating around the bush. [/bold] Well, I think that's more of a political thing. But people should be able to love who they want.[bold]Has anyone ever tried to label you? Lynne has given several dozen interviews about her new CD so it's not for a lack of interest in the media. But they forgot to get the pickup out of the driveway. The back yard garden and pool look like heaven for this city girl. If she is messed up, I think I would understand, giving that she and her sister were at home when her dad killed her mom, she basically raised herself and sis, along with grandma in Virginia.