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And he’s made all of them feel genuine, even if the story context for a fight is unreal or bombastic.

Though Adkins is known for his breathtaking spin kicks and flying kicks, he’s avoided saturating his oeuvre: each one is a thrilling invocation of his iconography, rather than a lazy fallback to his greatest hits as a martial artist.

Scott, being a mixed martial artist knows various forms of such techniques such as Ninjutsu, Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, Jiu-Jitsu, Wushu, Krav Maga, Capoeira, Jeet Kune Do and gymnastics.

He has been practising these forms of martial arts and has only grown stronger over years.

And it’s no small feat to make a larger-than-life duel between one man and an SUV full of armed goons work.

With the exception of Adkins’ heavily made up, overly CGI-assisted turn as Weapon XI in the misbegotten X-Men Origins: Wolverine, I’ve enjoyed every piece of action work I’ve seen him do onscreen.

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In 2001, Scott debuted with Hong Kong martial arts action film The Accidental Spy for his role as Lee’s Bodyguard / Turkish leader. In 1998, Adkins was seen in just one episode of BBC1’s drama series Dangerfield titled .Maybe he’s just a generation too late, and the action star era really is a thing of the past.Maybe he’s seen as a niche actor, whose natural abilities won’t impress an audience weaned on superhero movies.But even with this error (and that’s just the tip of the movie’s error iceberg) Adkins still manages to breathe some life into the dour action flick with his delightfully hammy turn.

And Florentine was brought on board to help with the film’s fight scenes, which gives them a little bit of bite. However, this rundown of the man’s career thus far does beg the original question: if he’s so good, then why isn’t he better known?

, and Norris and Van Damme were well on their way to direct-to-video land.