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According to someone in entertainment circles, Takashiro knew Erika likes brand-name products, and in London he bought her lots of high-end items as a gif for her birthday, which cost large sums of money.Takashiro has already spent about 20-30 million yen on her. We cannot say that it is an aid communication between them, but it does show that they were not for love to be together if they break up for lack of money. Before this it was reported that she and her boyfriend together were temporarily living in London and almost planning to get married, but now, they are suddenly going to get separated.There must be a surprising reason: Takashiro has debt on his shoulder.He declined to expose the identities of the girls in order to protect their privacy and their respective families.It’s all in the past anyway, and exposing them won’t do them any good anymore.Ken seems to have a penchant for dating women with curvy figures.Included in his past dating lists were Kelly Lin, Li Bingbing, Maggie Wu and Jiang Xinyu.

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Out of all the F4 members, only Vic Chou and Vanness Wu are able to maintain a stable relationship with their respective ladies.A few days ago, Ady An, who was believed to have dated Xiaofei and was seen as the newlyweds' matchmaker, updated her microblog with the entry, "You're such hypocrites".Many believe her message was targeted at Xiaofei, implying that he was being ungrateful.In fact, so private he was that for the next four years, he had kept his intimate relationships away from the media and the public eye.

It wasn’t until 2012 when he finally disclosed that he had been, in fact, in several relationships for the past three years, with each only lasting less than a year.

I wish her happiness."Xiaofei's ex-girlfriend, actress Zhang Yuqi also sent her blessings to the lovebirds.