Virtuallly dating

10-Dec-2019 21:15

You can watch as couples put on all the hardware, divided by a single wall so they can’t see each other in real life.Then man and woman meet for the first time in a virtual world, in this first episode’s case, outer space.A time tested genre, dating shows have evolved over time with audience tastes and interests.The format has progressed from game show contestant matchmaking to modern day reality-style shows where the cast competes to hookup.These aren’t your normal blind date spots like a coffee shop or bar.In VR, you can go on a first date anywhere your imagination will take you.Condé Nast Entertainment (CNÉ) has launched the first episode of a new show called “Virtually Dating,” a dating show in which two people are set up on a blind date in a headset to interact only in VR.Launched on Facebook’s Watch platform today, the first episode in this five-part series shows you what it’s like to go on a “Blind Date in Outer Space.” Each person is 3D scanned to create their virtual avatar and strapped into a HTC Vive with sensors to track body movements.

Check your virus scan’s quarantine folder if this happens, or ignore the warning if prompted.

But what happens when you take the blind date show format and teleport it into the future?

You get a dating show that takes place entirely in a virtual world.

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