Validating mx record godaddy

24-Sep-2020 22:51

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Typically, you can change your DNS records (or DNS Zone File) on your domain registrar’s website or wherever you host your name servers.

For example, let’s say we bought through the registrar Once a DNS change has been made, then DNS lookups by other web servers will now find the new records.

When you choose the encryption level click on the Generate Keys button: The mail exchanger (MX) record is vital for email operation: it tells the Internet which server(s) should receive your domain’s email.

If your domain is currently active and receiving email, we recommend you add all used email addresses before switching MX record to Proton Mail.

After you added this TXT record* to your DNS, wait a few minutes then click Verify to trigger a DNS check by our servers.If it succeeded, you can now move on to the next steps.If it did not succeed, do not worry; it is possible that our servers are still reading old cached DNS records.You can use a TXT record to include notes about a host, or you can format it to provide technical information to servers.

Using the name=value format, where the characters preceding the first = sign are the name and everything after the first = sign is the value, you can enter up to 255 characters.

Proton Mail servers will then look up all the TXT records for your domain and see if any matches the verify code.

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