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21-Mar-2020 01:52

Visit Stack Exchange I'm wondering how I can update the kernel modules properly in the hd-media initrd file for Ubuntu: Using those files, I want to make a usb bootable ubuntu server install.However, to make it work properly, I have to use the old ubuntu 10.04 iso instead of the newer one 10.04.2.A shame, when you think about how easy Ubuntu is to install, use and tweak to look really cool! If you download the Server version it will not install any graphical desktop and you will have to add that manually.Here we explain how to install Ubuntu in the three different ways that it is most commonly installed: (1) from a USB drive, (2) in a virtual machine, (3) or running it from a USB drive without installing it. The only thing slightly complicated about installing Ubuntu might be getting your computer to boot from the USB.

You need two things to install Ubuntu from a USB: (1) corrected BIOS settings on your computer to look for an operating system on the USB before it looks to the hard drive for that and (2) a bootable USB (We explain below how to create that.).

Here we provide general guidance and not specific click-here-click-there instructions for BIOS.

For example, how to even access the BIOS screen varies by manufacturer and model.

Once mounted, an ISO is no different than the real thing, in this case.

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If you are more of a GUI than of a CLI type, then you can mount the image by installing either of these two applications (both in the standard repos and they are substantially identical to your purpose): If what you want to do is an upgrade to version 9.10, the very first thing to do is a full backup, of course.

I found this guide helpful: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Customize Live Initrd.

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