Updating intellisense in visual studio 2016

30-Dec-2019 12:23

I am currently working under Visual Studio 2008, but I have experienced this issue in Visual Studio 2010 as well.

For VS2015, 2017 and VS2019 close Visual Studio and delete the folder in the same folder as the solution.

If there is an update you will see an Update button that will redirect you to the SQL Server Management Studio Download Page.

The most popular edition is Visual Studio Community.

I've also noticed that performance also degrades once the number of third-party libraries increases (namespaces and class attributes and methods are no longer visible).

Is there a way of manually updating the auto completion database or create a new one for an existing project?

For previous versions, close Visual Studio and navigate to your project folder.

updating intellisense in visual studio 2016-4

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When you click on that option a window will pop up displaying the current version of SQL Server Management Studio components and the latest version available.

I am using Visual Studio 2019 and have also been experiencing problems with Intellisense along with other features.