Updating airport express

25-Jun-2020 19:50

–Jim I almost added that if the only thing I was missing was support for Airplay 2, then I wasn’t missing anything I would use.

But I wonder if there is anything else, and I wonder why Apple’s web site says 7.8 is current for us but we don’t have the option to get it.

Computers should be deterministic, and I believe they are, but with so many variables that they appear to be random.

Why does something work one day (or hour, or minute) and not the next?

Long ago, I had the option of setting a power level on my Air Port Express, but that disappeared with some update to Air Port Utility, if I recall correctly. I ask because the i Phone had trouble with the wi-fi signal in the entryway, which I would expect if the power level locked at 10% (where I set it when I had the option) but which I would not expect if the power level reset to 100% (which I would expect when the option went away).

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Fixes include a vulnerability that allowed a remote attacker to leak memory, one where a remote attacker could cause a system denial of service, one where a base station factory reset may not delete all user information, and another where an attacker in a privileged position may be able to perform a denial of service attack.As an alternative, Apple began selling third-party Linksys Velop mesh routers.