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13-Apr-2020 04:05

The mix of humor, gameplay, clever sprite tricks and cool art (it took time, but it grew on me) is unlike anything else I've played, so it's very refreshing.

The way the game is set up, it feels as if Poke Kun is really inside your Neo Geo Pocket, just living his weird day-to-day life (real clock-based time progression adds a lot to this).

These can range from Atari 2600 quality dots and lines to fully animated fighting game characters.

Some mini games are actually very impressive, sporting techniques like sprite warping, and even vector graphics to create a remarkable 3D feel.

All the games are fun to play, but I find the most enjoyment comes with the "shock value" of them all. Overall 10Ganbare Neo Poke Kun was a game I never entertained the idea of trying, let alone paying actual money for.

Somehow I ended up buying it, and I'm very glad I did.

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Generally when the door is opened, a person (or similar) enters the room, which can be good or bad.The event that takes place with the visiting character is usually odd, sometimes disturbing, but always extremely funny.

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