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follows our journey as we dove headfirst into the world of Competitive Endurance Tickling.We found that this world of tickling, and the associated online abuse, stretched back over 20 years and lead back to a key figure: Long Island’s David D’Amato.In the movie, D'Amato is seen accusing Farrier of being in America illegally, by using a tourist visa for journalism.Farrier, who routinely travels internationally on assignment, states he was on a journalist visa.In response, Farrier told The Salt Lake Tribune that "given the number of hollow legal threats we faced during the making of it, it's almost refreshing to see a real case being filed by real lawyers." D'Amato attended the 18 June 2016 screening at the Nuart Theater in Los Angeles, and confronted Dylan Reeve, saying, "You need to lawyer up.You need to get criminal counsel." Clarke argued with Reeve during a public question-and-answer session after the film, saying "The film is a piece of garbage full of lies. And if you don't release it, it's the same as admitting you're lying." D'Amato filed a million defamation and slander lawsuit in Nassau County court alleging that his stepmother Dorothy D'Amato made statements in the film with the intention to injure his business, causing mental distress.After considerable effort to locate him, they confront him on the street, to which he responds with additional legal threats.

The soundtrack includes music from Upstream Color by Shane Carruth.Researching the phenomenon further, they uncover information about a person known as Terri Di Sisto (alias "Terri Tickle"), who pioneered recruiting and distributing tickling videos online in the 1990s.They interview independent tickling-video producer Richard Ivey whose operations are a low-key affair with an acknowledged homoerotic aspect.And, like Clarke, Peluso seemed to be receiving payments from David D’Amato to help make the Jane O’Brien Media video shoots happen.

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Here, for example, is a payment to Peluso of ,000: Like Clarke, Peluso also has a history in producing gay pornography, in his case under the name Dexx Jones (NSFW).

He requests an interview with the videos' producer, Jane O'Brien Media, but the company refuses to "associate with a homosexual journalist" Farrier partners with television producer Dylan Reeve to learn more about tickling videos and the people who produce them.

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