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08-May-2020 21:34

Popular social networking sites, including My Space and Facebook, are changing the human fabric of the Internet and have the potential to pay off big for investors, but — given their youthful user base — they are unusually vulnerable to the next ‘new new’ thing.As quickly as users flock to one trendy Internet site, they can just as quickly move on to another, with no advance warning, according to Wharton faculty and Internet analysts.Facebook just received an additional million in venture capital.Both companies are planning to extend their reach beyond the computer screen to cell phones.

One way for investors to benefit from the rise of social networks would be develop a highly diverse portfolio, Fader adds.Instead, we want to manage information efficiently so that we can provide our users the information that matters most to them.” Social networking sites in general rely mainly on a simple advertising model — selling banner and text ads (although they ban uncool pop up ads).Facebook also permits sponsored groups in which a marketer can build communities within the site.“We model people’s real lives at their individual schools in a virtual space that enables them to exchange information about themselves.

We are not focused on meeting new people, dating or anything like that.Cingular Wireless, Sprint Nextel and Verizon Wireless are starting a service that will allow users to post messages on Facebook’s home pages or search for other users’ phone numbers and email addresses from a cell phone.