The aacs key is updating

06-Aug-2020 12:44

At first I thought it was because the central database had just been updated and by coincidence someone else added a couple of them first.

But when I visited a family members house to access a Windows PC to use Find VUK on the ones unsupported by publicly available PKs I got 23 more on that system but it only uploaded 22 Finally on a third computer running the same setup I did 10 more discs and only 9 uploaded.

Anyway I hope they look into this issue since I provided everything they requested (dxdiag and bd/3d advisor results).

the aacs key is updating-60

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Over the last few days since finding out about this I have went through my entire Bluray collection getting them all done and have successfully uploaded 169 but I keep seeing miss-matching numbers from my local files to what is reported as uploaded First from the comfort of my home I went through all discs using libaacs on Linux and had it add 142 to my local vuk directory but when I uploaded them it only said 138 new added.

They must of just all showed up after my first test with the discs during the update in the middle of my marathon of key getting and before I finished with Find VUK Just noticed that AACS update cannot detect title-entry lines in the keydb file that include a date-entry field. So there are new updates, but perhaps this bug has prevented people getting them or uploading them. @shadowofdarkness: because of your fear that eventually not all local keys are correctly uploaded to the central key database I've created a small tool to compare a private keyfile with the main keyfile: Simply copy all your private keyfiles in one file and next drag it onto the and it will compare your local file with the main keyfile and tell you if all your keys are included or not (and also if they are included, but with a different title) @Starbuck2010: With my small comparison tool I noticed the same that candela already posted: although there are 'nice' title values in the local database they aren't used for the central database - so there are a lot of entries where my comparison tool tells me something like this: I'm with candela that it would be a good idea to replace the _NONAME_ title entries with the more meaningful title-values from Find VUK and I think it would also make sense to replace the current comment with the Find VUK value in such a case.

I checked your source and noticed the regex you're using to parse the lines is not flexible enough to handle the existence of additional entries to the common vuk-entry. Another thing I noticed is that there are 37 entries in the main keydb file that exist at least 2 times with different VUK's ?

No other updates came during the 2nd and 3rd uploads so no one could of beat me to the discs.

The central database has not updated yet since I added all mine so I can't even check if I can spot any missing ones.Project page: Updater program page: host certificate v43 | HC | HOST_PRIV_KEY 0x88B245EA25315F46E6E99D9D521EB1194454A82D \ | HOST_CERT 0x0201005CFFFF800000C400005BF6843ED1AA9C9D \ 0x EEFEAD8174479C72AB5457691EEB75669105BB19 \ 0x5D4B9133069A18FD5357797116CEC22D7FE8F366 \ 0x C2A092E1D00DB770E9E01DB687456B6FBFA28C96 \ 0x2D88F05DD43F584ECC821AF7 \ | HOST_NONCE 0x2923BE84E16CD6AE529049F1F1BBE9EBB3A6DB3C \ | HOST_KEY_POINT 0x8A60C80BD60C23605FBE90B27BF96B2DB38195C1 \ 0x801F54EB29E0F6EC57AC2B9168E88B2D56977508 Thanks for the tool but is there any way to get VUK for any new discs.

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