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10-Jul-2020 20:02

The southern side of Lihue is called Puhi, that’s where most of the shopping is, but it’s also the area that is being developed to look like California.

Kilauea is closer to Hanalei and the North Shore, but it isn’t a coastal town like downtown Kapa’a.

For these very same reasons, it is also where the most transplants end up, and so you’ll find more people like yourselves, which makes it easier to meet them.

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The first was way back when I started this blog, from someone who wasn’t quite as decided as the person above.We rented up there for a year, but then we bought our house in the neighborhood called the Wailua Houselots, between the Sleeping Giant and Wailua Beach.Lihu’e is nice, still centrally located, and closer to a lot of things (government offices that you’ll visit a lot at first, bigger library, the biggest gym, the only real movie theatre left, big stores such as Walmart, Kmart, Barnes and Noble, Costco, and the only mall—which is convenient even if shopping is not your thing).Unless your kids really have street smarts and something I would call a rural attitude, I’m not sure they will fit in very well.

Plus academics aren’t that great, I hear they don’t have real AP classes.Actually, it is somewhat less than big-city California in my experience, but without all the employment opportunities.