Sophos update manager not updating

24-Sep-2020 00:52

Those locations are: C:\Program Files (x86)\Sophos\Auto Update -or- C:\Program Data\Sophos\Auto1If I restart the PC with this problem and boot into Safe Mode, log in then out, the bad file is automatically deleted, restart into normal Windows and try the install again.

At that point everything installs correctly and there are no problems.

Note that you can download a "Zip File" or a "Self-extracting File." A self-extracting file contains the software needed to execute the file, and thus may work better for inexperienced users.

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After you have set up the updating policies and applied them to your networked computers, the computers are kept up to date automatically.

You do not need to update computers manually unless there is a problem with updating.

Full Disk Encryption is not included with all licenses.

I don't want to have to restart 100 computers into safe mode if I don't have to, we need a better solution and soon because these computers with this problem are unprotected right now. i suspect that you need to uninstall, reboot then install again.