Snape and lily dating

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If James does do something, he can just conjure a Dark Arts spell of some kind or a spell that is not the Dark Arts to defend himself. They smile at her and are so happy for her and happy that she found someone better. She has told him so many times and he finally gets one.Now here Sev didn't become interested in the Dark Arts to the point where he and Lily stopped being friends.° ° ° ° °° ° ° ° °Lily and Sev are in the hallway, holding hands and they're smiling at each other. :purple_heart: Their Married Life :purple_heart: Sev and Lily wanted to have their wedding in Spinner's End on the hill of where they first met. When she came home from Hogwarts, she told her parents about James and how they dated but broke up because she didn't like how he was treating her best friend. While Lily was saying her vows, she was crying because she was very happy and couldn't believe that they were getting married. They then become husband and wife and they share a kiss. Sev and Lily have three kids: two sons and one daughter. One of the sons looks like his father and the son looks like his mother Lily, and the daughter looks like her father.Understandably so, as his old Potions book revealed an unsurpassed talent for the subject – it’s not every student who can correct the textbook.Potions tips weren’t the only things scribbled in the Half-Blood Prince’s old school books.

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Snape approaches James and attempts to kill him, but Lily apparates before him, demanding an explanation.

Though each Head of House enjoyed seeing their own students succeed, Snape tended to overlook most of his pupils’ bad behaviour.