Scripture on interracial dating

15-Apr-2020 15:02

So I confronted them and called down curses on them. I made them swear in the name of God that they would not let their children intermarry with the pagan people of the land.” Now, I could go on, but I think you get the point: Interracial Marriage IS Un-Biblical. However, no one who follows Jesus should ever forbid Interracial Marriage. All those other labels – including and especially race – are now obsolete and irrelevant.

Peter also got the memo when the Holy Spirit revealed to him that the Gentiles were not unclean and that “God was no respecter of persons” and that no race on earth was above any other.

Are there really any Bible verses that even touch on this subject, or are they just telling me this to justify racism?

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So god definitely approves of interracial marriage, as long as the person marries into the NATION of Israel.If the politicians in this story had said Interracial Marriage was Unbiblical, then they would be exactly right. What they said was that Interracial Marriage was not Christian [or “Christlike”] and that is where they are wrong. The Bible contains roughly 15 verses that very, very explicitly command God’s people NOT to intermarry with people of other races or cultures. ” Joshua -13 – “So be very diligent to love the Lord your God, because if you ever turn back and cling to those who remain of these nations by intermarrying with them and associating one with another, know for certain that the Lord your God will not continue to drive out these nations ahead of you.Here are a few of them: Deuteronomy 7:2-5 – “…and when the Lord your God delivers them over to you and you defeat them, you must completely destroy them. ” Judges 3:5-8 – “The Israelis continued to live among the Canaanites, the Hittites, the Amorites, the Perizzites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites, taking their daughters as wives for themselves, giving their own daughters to their sons, and serving their gods.She also told me that if I were to bring someone of another color home with me, she told me flat out that my family would most likely disown me (on both sides).

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Of course, she told me that she would never disown me because I am her child and she loves me regardless; but she certainly does not agree with it.

Numbers 12 is definitely the best example, and it comes directly after Moses has told the Israelites not to marry outside of the tribes.

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