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18-Feb-2020 20:15

She joins Ryle in his adventures from the beginning of the story.

She's is a fire mage, and is also good with a sword.

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Orubia has been Ryle's close friend since childhood.

Her father, Zamus Aquary, is a merchant; according to the author's notes, her mother was a "mysterious dark-haired lady" named Tia.

Orubia herself dreams of being accepted in the Mage Academy, and is training to be a priestess.

On meeting Ryle, she initially has suspicions about his true identity, and teams up with him to free her fellow ninjas.

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She uses ninja daggers and swords, and is a good all-round fighter who can use fire, thunder, water or air-based attacks as well.

Ryle is a 17-year-old orphan that has been trained in combat by his mentor, Brad Burnfist.

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