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05-Jun-2020 15:52

This isn’t a student thing, this is a how-to-be-a-respectable-person thing.

You’ll probably want to get out of wherever you are in the morning immediately so you’ll have to just leave however you get up. If you have to, keep your eyes to the ground when you walk into halls or, if you’ve got the confidence, do the opposite and high-five everyone you meet shouting ‘YEAH, I DID!

In reality it’s often lonely, you don’t have enough time to attend the fun events you want to and you get terribly bored at couples dinner parties. British online dating can be a lot of fun if you just find a site that caters to your needs.

You’re feeling flirty and everyone around you is in a happy relationship. At Quick Flirt we focus on singles who want to, well, be quick about finding a flirt!

Are you going to commit to the moody bass player with the mother issues or the rebellious slam poet?

Everyone at high school only got to choose between the person they used to play with as a kid or someone’s sister from the year above. Drop a couple of drinks, save the money and get a taxi home the next day: don’t do the walk of shame.

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Be there sharp and be prepared to see people you know. You don’t have to talk to anyone and no one wants to talk to you.

It’s not you I don’t trust, it’s everyone else, which – to them – also includes you. Even though you use condoms you should still try and get a check-up at least every six months if you’re changing partners regularly, or before you get involved with someone new.

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