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Now the app’s server sends a push message, it includes a signed JSON web token along with the public key.If this public key matches the one that user has, the data is decrypted.The public key is given to your web app, whereas the private key stays with the admin.When the user elects to receive push notifications, the PWA adds the public key to the object.The Push API allows a service worker to handle Push Messages from a server, even while the app is not active.The Notification and Push API’s are built on top of the Service Worker API, which responds to push message events in the background and relays them to your application.Native apps have the following features: According to Comscore Mobile App Report, over 50% of America’s smartphone users download zero apps a month!What this means that the time when our phone used to be filled with apps is slowly fading away!

The reason behind the success of these stores is that users have no other choice in how they can find and install native apps.

Push Notifications are assembled using two APIs: the Notifications API and the Push API.

The Notifications API lets the app display system notifications to the user.

What if I told you that now a web developer can easily build mobile apps?

All you need to know is some HTML, CSS, and Java Script and you are good to go!Statistically, each step to download an app reduces about 20% of the app’s potential number of users.

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