Point blank problems during frost updating

04-Jul-2020 06:47

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Maybe Dodge should buy everyone who has these death trap cars different ones cause now I'm stuck with this car and I do worry about my safety. If I didn't have a master mechanic as a friend I would be out thousands in repairs. As of 2/22/2019, I will have had this car for a year.I have replaced alternator, starter, and now looks like rear differential. Over the last 4 or 5 months, I have found that I am having to jump start the car every morning.I was driving last night and my car start stalling. Now I call a dealership and they responded only 36k factory warranty.I park on the side and wonder what's wrong with the engine. I have a 2014 Journey (first time owning a Dodge), on July the 7 I went to drop my son off at the Y (no problems), on my way home the ECT comes on (mind you I just spend 0 in February due to an issue with that.Want to know more about Consumer Affairs accredited brands? They come on and go off and my cruise control works when it wants to and I get really bad gas mileage and I use my car for security work so besides driving 16 miles five days a week I'm using a lot of gas doing patrols as well.I don't know if a tune up or oil change will help and since I'm still paying on it I can t trade it in. Oil cooler, rear differential and numerous sensors.Car has 142k but have always kept service up on it. I have thought about sinking in the lake, seriously. I have been to the dealer twice now and several other auto shops.

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The dealer did replace my battery with the biggest battery they could just to appease me and get me out of their hair. Dealer has refused to look at it anymore and has referred me to other dealers. Apparently the vehicle had been in an accident prior to my purchasing!The second time leaving a restaurant with my family the car wouldn't start.

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