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21-Jul-2020 07:42

As part of our training, my classmates and I were asked to write a 1-minute and 3-minute story with the theme ‘Hero’.

I thought writing about my father as my hero would be too predictable and I struggled to come up with a story.

“Typically, someone signs up for the service or downloads an app. Although it should be obviously risky, those victimized will agree to meet at a date’s home — something discouraged by the on-line sites and police.” In an example of such a scenario, police noted that “Instructions to a recent victim were to park on the street, walk up a darkened driveway of a darkened home in an unfamiliar neighborhood in the middle of the night and wait for further instructions.” The outcome?

“Those instructions ended up being, ‘Give me your money, car keys and phone,’” the release said.

Our fear — that there are many more occurring but the victims may be embarrassed and are therefore not reporting the crimes,” the release said.

“As traditional courtship is increasingly being replaced with clicks and swipes, people are becoming numb to the possible dangers associated with the anonymity of such meetings.” “Perhaps you don’t know who you’re really meeting. Though most web-dating and internet sale sites offer safety tips, many users don’t heed the advice,” the release note.

It’s quite funny to look back at ones I’ve written in the past – they’re great stand-up comedy fodder!

I just recommend being as honest and creative as possible.

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The release also notes that the department’s Robbery-Burglary Unit is investigating internet-related “crimes more now than ever before.” “During the past month, there have been several reported each week. Download an app such as RAVE Guardian or another emergency notification service.

Part 2 (Time stamp ) – how the studio recording happened, how I once fell for a guy with bullet points in his profile and why I think writing a dating profile teaches you unexpected things about yourself.