Phpfox dating script

07-Nov-2020 20:51

Reactions: gives users more options to show their emotions instead of just Like.

In particular, by using Reactions app, users now can conveniently show their feelings on user status, a comment or a user item (blog, event, etc.) with very-familiar Like or other reactions of Angry, Sad, Haha (Fun), Love, Wow (Surprised).

People always love making their special, personalized and eye-catching status posts.

This is what the Feed Status Background app brings to your php Fox sites.

We fill out the entire registration, and when you click register, instead of registering, you return to the registration page. How long they going to ignore their customers feedback/complain?

This happens every time and in no way is the new member registered. I installed phpfox and more than 1000 registered in a day. How can I remove them and their content (images/posts/feeds/etc...)? hi phpfox team i try to ask here again my wish it is possible to separate all mail templates from languege pack like in the V3 at moment is very difficoult to found email that user become from the system thanks in advanced Hi, It is not clear to me why Phpfox designers decided not to allow Pages/Groups (or basically any other entity other than individual user) to interact in that capacity as a Page/Group.

Many apps and popular websites have adopted this method of browse filtering and it works for them. Simply put there should be a basic browse filter for non-paying free members, and a customizable advanced browse filter for paying subscribers where the admin can select whichever custom fields they want to be available as additional filters.

Both should be visible, this way non-subscribers will be enticed into subscribing because they will see the advanced filter and want the privilege to use it.

So, I want to have 2 different user groups that will be created via subscription function upon their registration. You now can't do that because with only one setting you can't set the only setting left to 10 since the inviter would received 10 points for sending out an email which is not what anyone wants. Hi all, We would like to summarize our recent app releases which you could utilize to engage your users: Saved Items: Let's imagine that you have read a fantastic blog or seen a very interesting video/photo on the online community site.Division between physical and legal person has been known since the Roman times, so we're here speaking of 2000 years of operating this social network system not to be able to recognise this.thoughts?

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