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Of course, if this intercom isn’t a feature that you’ll use, there’s usually a setting that lets you turn off the microphone and speaker on the camera, but this usually will also prevent video recordings from capturing audio.Most—if not all—Wi-Fi cameras can detect motion, and some take it a bit further to differentiate between people, pets, and other objects.

Another somewhat rare feature for a Wi-Fi cam is a built-in alarm that can sound if the camera detects any kind of motion. Although the camera itself doesn’t have the hardware for the siren, the hub that’s included does all that heavy lifting.

This one is even rarer of a feature, but it exists.

The Nest Cam IQ, specifically, can also double as a Google Home Mini of sorts, allowing you to shout out voice commands right to the camera.

So if you’ve been wanting a Nest Cam a Google Home, you can kill two birds with one stone.

It’s the only widely-available Wi-Fi cam that we know of that has a voice assistant built in, but the good news is that you can buy a separate Google Home Mini or Amazon Echo Dot for pretty cheap.

Here are features that some Wi-Fi cameras have other than just video recording.