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03-Sep-2020 05:09

It's just that they are the ones who are the most noticeable.

BTW, the reason they look so ugly to you is the lack of makeup and the hairstyles (not permitted to cut their hair) ...

They wear skirts and dresses because of Biblical admonitions against women dressing like men, thus no pants.

They eschew makeup and jewelry because of Biblical admonitions against "vain adornment." ...

I'll point out that I have been friends with several Pentecostal guys over the years, and none of them are what I'd call unattractive..are all normal looking, and here's the thing: almost NONE of them have been fat.

In fact they are often lean from working on the farms (many of the Pentecostals are farmers, though not all.

1Corinthians 11:6 A woman should wear something on her head.

It is a disgrace for a woman to shave her head or cut her hair.

Some short, some tall, some fat, some thin, some pretty, some not-so-pretty, some stylish, some frumpy. I think the issue is partly one of selective perception.

Almost all of them are big, built like barns, and extremely homely (and I don't just mean lack of makeup and jewelry-I mean flat out unattractive.) I know this is a generalization....but, errr, not really.

Anyone who sees these people on a regular basis as I do will know what I mean about the appearance.

First off: I realize I'm treading on dangerous ground here, so this can go straight to the Pit if anyone feels it neccessary.

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Secondly, I don't know if Pentecostals are even heard of outside the Midwest.

Cosmetics make a vastly larger difference in the appearance of a woman than you might otherwise think.