Nicole kidman dating tom cruise

23-Sep-2019 19:49

The film anchored his worth as a celebrity, and also became the highest earning in that time.‘Cocktail’, a film which he starred in 1988, gained him a selection for the Razzie Award for Worst Actor.In July 1989, tom was ranked as a Golden Globe for Best Actor and gained an Academy Award selection after featuring in the ‘biopic’ film where he enacted as a Vietnam expert.Toms acting passion was born during his high school days after he won a star in his musical high school play.

They later separated in 1990 wherein the same year he dated Nicole Kidman, an Australian actress, after having a good mutual attraction while acting together.

Among the films that have propelled Tom Cruise worth in 2019 are movies such as the “Mission Impossible”, The Mummy”, Edge of Tomorrow”, “Jack Reacher” among many others.