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02-Jan-2020 02:48

I’m sickened that such a place in a tourist destination is allowed to operate in this way! I’m not sure whether this is true but I didn’t want to risk my son going to them. We will cherish and share theses memories for ever. If there's and ladies that would like to host me while I'm in Warszawa, Poland. Trust me I have a lot of fear,, E mail me I will send you my phone number or anything you would like to know about me , or reference of the people who stayed the summer with me from Poland. Reply Hey I will be in Poznan for 4th of August 2018.

Male Grabary 6), the obligatory meatmarket with lasers, girls and commercial hits!

Cuba libre also its good, maybe because im latin and i loved to go there and dance salsa with beautiful polish women :) Reply 4Continent, Seriously you were either on lsd or some other mentally altering drugs that completely messed up your mind. Reply I read the comments from 4continental and get scared. It would be a much better place if they enforced the liquor laws, banned bars from opening past , and permitted the nicer clubs to operate with late night licenses.