Mike modano dating

05-May-2020 10:31

This is one of the smallest age differences on this list and we certainly can't fault Jeff Garcia for marrying a 25-year-old when he was 37-years-old himself.

The former Canadian Football League (CFL) quarterback finally broke into the National Football League as a member of the San Francisco 49ers in 1999 and went on to have a very productive ten-year career, despite getting a late start.

No, you still sneak glances at 20-year-olds in the supermarket while you're wife is striking up a conversation with her friend Gladys.

These athletes below managed to date much younger, but for the purposes of the headline let's imagine that 12 years is a big enough age difference for someone to be thought of as a father - I mean, have you seen Maury?

There isn't many instances of that happening, but a couple years ago Dwight Howard found himself at the center of a real controversy.

The fall of 2009 was a rough time for Phillips, who now serves as a Toronto Blue Jays analyst with TSN in Canada.

His wife of 19 years filed for divorce in September and, a month later, he revealed he had been in an affair with a 22-year-old production assistant - Phillips was 46 at the time of the affair.

It's no secret why he was attracted to Hannah, however, as she's an absolutely stunning fashion model who has done work for Steve Phillips isn't exactly the first person that comes to mind when we think of famous athletes.

The former ESPN baseball analyst and New York Mets manager didn't even play in the big leagues - he played a few years in the minors - but he does fit perfectly on this list.There's a 19-year age difference between the couple.