Jill scott and lamman rucker dating 2016

24-Mar-2020 11:31

Wonderful movie that’s worth taking the time to view. It pique’d my mother-in-law’s interests in going back to church and she asked to go with us. Warning: Not for young children (2-12), and only for 13 and 14 with parents there to explain questionable material.She also started visiting churches, seeking the truth of the gospel in these last days, as well as questioning the bible more. If you are offended by frank talk by those who are do propose to be christians(in the movie, I can’t say about real life), stay away. Scene of couples in bed, one couple scantly dressed, and one scene of violence(to explain will give away a key moment in the movie), and drinking. It’s nice to see African-Americans portrayed positively on the silver screen.Not only is it a step up, but its his best effort to date.(I can’t comment on DLG because I haven’t seen it as of posting this review).There is one instant of using the name of Jesus in a negative way, but is made in a comical delight that you forget it was there.

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It was nice to see him stand for himself against his wife’s constant berating as well as the harassment from a former lover and mother of his children, Keisha (Kaira Whitehead). Their actions were not Christ-like at all, save the sole character played by Jill Scott.

She told us that if we saw it we could avoid some of the problems she experienced in the past in her former marriage.

We was pleasently surprised by her recommendation, but we gladly accepted the invitation and did so. It deals with relationships from a secular and from an intimate viewpoint.

Rocky marriages, marriages surviving personal loss and pain, adulturous marriages, abuse in marriage and manipulation in marriages.

As the characters became more transparent, I found myself wondering how many people could catagorize their “personal situation” to the plots unraveling in the movie.

It’s a very intense drama with many positive references to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as well as Christian themes. —As a Christian in today’s society who tends to seek out positive, inspirational films, I was very disappointed after viewing this one.

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