Is being intimidating good or bad

06-Feb-2020 19:48

We’re all too picky, not sufficiently picky, we come off as assholes when we’re not, we come off as nice when we’re actually assholes, you name it.

There are lots of reasons why dating doesn’t happen with the ease and results we want.

Will you always have to deal with men being intimidated by you? Sure, you could make yourself less intimidating, but what traits would you be willing to sacrifice? I know it’s wrong to paint a group with such a broad brush, but most guys in that age range would much rather reach for the low-hanging, easy to ‘bag’ fruit, than a woman who seemingly has it together and doesn’t fall for the “hey baby, you must be wearing Windex cuz I can see myself in your pants” type conversation-starters.

It might not be much consolation now, but I think any man worth having will look at your traits as a positive and not the “what if she’s a b***” BS.

I think you just need to figure the way of getting dates that works for you and run with it. But the thing is, being asked on a date may happen by chance, but who the hell wants to just sit back and wait for life to come to them?— Intimi-dating ART: You are doing zero things wrong. I had no idea what that meant, but I think it had something to do with the fact that I was/am shy, that I can tend to furrow my brow when thinking which makes me look angry, and that I can come off as distant because of these things.