Generational dating

13-Oct-2019 14:42

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parents intimidating teachers

As slang is often regarded as an ephemeral dialect, a constant supply of new words is required to meet the demands of the rapid change in characteristics.

And while most slang terms maintain a fairly brief duration of popularity, slang provides a quick and readily available vernacular screen to establish and maintain generational gaps in a societal context.

Baby Boomers were more likely to watch TV within the last hour prior to bedtime, 67%, compared to Gen Y’ers (born 1981-2000), who came in at 49%.

When asked about computer/internet use within the last hour prior to bedtime, 70% of those polled admitted to using a computer "a few times a week", and from those, 55% of the Gen Z’ers (born mid-1990s or 2000 to present), said they "surf the web" every night before bed.

This issue is one visible throughout society, creating complications within day to day communication at home, in the work place, and within schools.

As new generations seek to define themselves as something apart from the old, they adopt new lingo and slang, allowing a generation to create a sense of division from the previous one.

The study looked at Baby Boomers (born 1946–1964), Generation Xers (born 1965–1980), Generation Yers (born 1981–2000) and Generation Zers (born 2000 to present)."Children increasingly rely on personal technological devices like cell phones to define themselves and create social circles apart from their families, changing the way they communicate with their parents.

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