Friendship and real dating side

10-Dec-2019 00:24

That’s how you’ll know if you have something in common and want to match in the first place.

Similarly, let folks know what you’re all about and what you're looking for in a new friendship.

Whether recovering from a job loss or breakup — or, on the flip side, celebrating a promotion or marriage — it’s your friends who’ll be cheering you along and offering their encouragement.

That’s why we at Bumble created a way for our users to connect not only with potential partners but with new friends too.

Finally, it’s just as important to photo-verify your profile on BFF as it is on Date; you want your potential matches to feel confident that you are who you say you are.

As you’re swiping through Bumble BFF, spend time reading what others wrote about themselves.

But if you really want to create an instant bond, go back to what you’ve said you both love — and do it together.

I asked some of my friends that question and got varying answers: But how do you filter for that?

In 1992 or ’93, the Olympia Film Festival had a small retrospective of the work I’d done as an actor at that time.… continue reading »

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