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09-Oct-2019 22:04

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She received an invitation to an interview in a social network: English, a confident PC user, discipline and communication – all sounded like usual requirements for an ordinary worker in an office.The job ad differed only with an attractive proposition of salary and flexible hours (maybe even a night shift), which was very convenient for a day student in economics.Although most models hide their real country and block user-countrymen; it is very easy to find a Ukrainian porno actress: it is enough to change your IP in order a site not to identify the country, but then a room entourage and an accent peculiar only for residents of the CIS betray immediately.

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Training was to teach the girl to use sites and to configure the camera; she also was given the manuals composed by other girls.

A couple of years ago a client of a site won the case because a girl of a porno chat agreed to marry him if he sends her some money and a ring. “I did not know some words in my native language, and I had no idea what I could do with my body”.