Demigod achievements not updating

05-May-2020 11:25

Red Team normally doesn't have friendly fire, but explosive weapons (such ast the Rocket Launcher) will do friendly damage. You won't be able to MIND HACK a lot of these enemies due to the distance they will keep and when they drop you don't want to risk rushing out to MIND HACK them and getting downed.

Red Team either takes control of a Thumper or runs to a piller where the Blue team enters the area, there is a Rocket Luncher/Thumper behind one of these. As the level starts take cover and kill the two guys that rush you and grab thier weapons.

Now just make sure you get inbetween him and the two mechs..

he will shoot at you and hit the mechs and after a half a dozen hits or so they will blow up! When the second mech goes down, you you guessed it..

I have two seperate ways of doing this, both are easy. (its not that long of a mission anyway, so running it twice won't take that long.)Red team must prioritize thier targets to hack: meaning Always hack into the most dangerous enemies first:1. Thumpers (The guys with the rocket launchers) Blue team just stay behind cover, while Red team runs up to you and dies. The first part of the level starts you on top of some stairs.

Only the host and/or anyone on the Blue team will get the achievement, so I recomend at least one player on Red to help out.

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The two mechs in the middle of the court yard: stay to the left of the screen don't try to out manouver them or go to the reload point in the middle, that's just suicde and frustration. soon more guys will come out of the opposite side of the building, hopefully your MIND HACK friends will take care of some of them.

if not focus your fire on the standard troop with the machine guns. (Your gonna need him.) Stay behind the far left pillers and the two mechs will focus on trying to kill your partner. You will be targeted by the guy with the Rocket Launcher.

Be carefull when one mech blows up two more flying turrets show up.. more troops will show up, but this time they come from behind you.. Get to the otherside othe map where the first Rocket Launcher guy was shooting from.

There will be two more flying turretes and a lone stragling machine gun guy around there so just be careful and again..

The Second way: If your going it alone, you should try to make sure you have the two plugins for THE ARTS, called: Sharpened Bullet (increase your physical strength by 15% so you can take more damge and increases your bullet damage) and Sharper Bullet (increase your physical strength by 20% so you can take more damage and increases your bullet damage) . They really can't hit oyu but they take a lot of ammo to kill.

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