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The group started to record songs and made appearances in TV, as well as featured with other famous artists as well.

They featured along with Lil Wayne while working in a song "Phase", in 2008.

The family finally returned to New Orleans a decade later.

In 2005—the same year as Katrina—Richard landed a spot on Diddy's MTV reality show , which resulted in the formation of Danity Kane.

Having released 7 albums till now, her fame and success is reflected by her net worth of .5 million US dollars.

She released many songs between 20 like "Me Myself & Y", “These Tears”, "Let Love In", and performed in many counties around North America and Europe, which she toured with the band.

"I wrote an entire letter to the ex just speaking my personal feelings," she says.

"I had to laugh because I didn't realize how petty I was being.

Despite rumors that suggested the two had been engaged, they openly had denied the rumors, and broke up as well in 3 years, without any children.

As of now, she is believed to be romantically involved with singer Qwanell Mosley.

The singer's Louisiana upbringing "really dictated how I went through life, with music, men, love, loss— teems with references to the New Orleans neighborhood, with its radiant musical heritage of street parades and brass bands.