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23-Oct-2020 14:06

If we don’t bother to test defendants soon after they have been arrested, we may be ignoring their rights and violating the spirit of our laws.Four states — Idaho, Kansas, Montana, and Utah — have abolished the affirmative defense of mental defect, meaning defendants in those states don’t have the opportunity to introduce evidence of brain injuries or mental impairment to disprove their guilt.The injury reduces culpability because it’s avolitional, meaning it’s apart from personal resolve.Such an injury that causes problems in cognition and judgment is external to the person, and others can behold that individual as a victim.The effects of head trauma — increased aggression and violence, diminished judgment and understanding — cut across all of the minor distinctions between states that allow an affirmative defense based on mental impairment.

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Moving the CDC’s screening recommendation earlier in the prosecutorial process — say when an individual is formally indicted — would help defendants get the health care they need.There’s another reason why it’s important to know if incarcerated individuals have brain trauma.