Dating simon and patrick luthiers rosewood

26-Aug-2020 13:49

The Simon & Patrick Natural Elements CW Mini-Jumbo SG models feature back & sides made from a three-layer lamination of unique tonewoods from Northern Quebec.Natural & unique variations in the wood mean that no two pieces will look the same. Showcase Rosewood Concert Hall For those players who want to hear what “sheer acoustic bliss” sounds like all the way up the neck…we also offer the Showcase Rosewood.I strummed it twice and said "Sold" Best sounding guitar I've ever owned and sounds and holds up better than my Martin D35 which sells for 6 times the price. I've played acoustic guitar for over 30 years and by chance came across my songsmith in a hock shop! Have played it regularly since, including live gigs (with a pick up inserted) and at parties and fires.Can't beat the sound and it's only gotten better with age.

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No regrets in buying this guitar, its sound has truly grown the more it is played. I went into L&M's acoustic room on Bloor quite prepared to pay 00, played every guitar I could, and walked out with this, which simply sounded the best. The finish is slightly matte which I think makes it feel and look even more solid (woody vs plasticy). I want to address this to anyone reading these reviews to make up their mind on buying a Songsmith. Yes they are quite inexpensive but that doesn't mean lower quality.Left it out in the rain for a night and it still sounds the same. Why would you consider a guitar made half-way around the world, sent over on a container ship, when you can get a Canadian made gem like this? The wood on this guitar smells awesome, every time I open the case.

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