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The selvedges of the linen thus formed the top and bottom edges of the sampler.It would typically be filled with rows of repeating patterns worked in coloured silks, sometimes interspersed with figures or floral motifs.The central motif on the Italian sampler, with a design in reserve on a red embroidered ground, was first published in the Esemplario di lavori of Giovanni Andrea Vavassore in 1530 and it is surrounded with border patterns typical of those used in the 16th century for personal and household linen.Jane Bostocke’s sampler of 1598 is the earliest known example to include an embroidered date.The first printed pattern book for embroidery was published by a textile printer, Johann Schönsperger in Augsburg, Germany, in about 1523, and it was followed by others in Germany, Italy, France and England, borrowing extensively from each other with or without acknowledgement.This German piece (right) is worked mostly with ecclesiastical motifs, probably intended for the decoration of church linen.The earliest examples in the Museum’s collection, which were found in Egyptian burial grounds, probably date from the 14th or 15th centuries.

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The increasing availability of these pattern books brought new sources of reference for embroiderers to apply to their work.

This Christmas season I was happy to find this gold tablecloth at Good Will for .99, which works perfectly for a tree skirt (and probably a dinner party or two). I love a bargain and repurposing something I already have!