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13-May-2020 15:48

If you do not end your marriage legally according to the laws in your jurisdiction your subsequent marriage would be invalid. In the Western World you can only be married to one person at a time. Elizabethan government was divided between Queen Elizabeth, the Privy Council and Parliament.

In addition, the Council of the North, and Council of the Marshes took care of regional laws.

In the Elizabethan times love wasn't taken into acount, marriage was a chance and form of alliance between families.

Marriage was therefore done to keep peaceand as a business oportunity (especially since a dowry had to be paid).

Ironically, the dowry in marriages in Elizabethan England would benefit the male.

A dowry is a certain amount of cash, property, and goods that bride would bring during the actual ceremony. The husbands were given all the rights to take over their wives thus the girl would became the man’s property.

It will be announced into three consecutive Sundays or Holy days thus when there were any objection, at least such party was given the time to speak out. Gifts were rarely offered but it was their tradition to celebrate the occasion with a blast thus the event is carefully planned beforehand.

Thus, the lower the status a family holds in the society then the larger power a person may have in choosing lifetime mates.

Because of this practice, the marriage will too often fail.

But the biggest question is: if you are a man and you are not in your hometown, where to how to find one for little erotic play?

I will try to make a summary about the best way to search for a lady.It is foolish to marry someone because of love even if love may occur sometimes in marriage.