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28-Sep-2019 02:22

"This is real reality."Up Dating is still a modest operation.

It pulls in about ,500 from ticket sales per show, but Forman and Berman are hoping to hit 0,000 in revenue by the end of the year. They're hoping to expand the show nationally and start selling merchandise, and they're in talks with potential sponsors.

He was with the company's media operations team, teaching media outlets like Vice and Buzz Feed to use Facebook features for storytelling.

When he wasn't working, Forman would use those same tools to entertain his own friends and family.

She grabbed her mic and said, "You're not good looking enough for me.

I'm sorry." Her mom was in the audience — and she stood up and echoed her daughter's sentiment, Berman said.

The girl, a cute blonde named Paige Garrett, had caught his eye, and Nedimyer thought he had a better chance with her than the guy who was chatting her up. "If things get awkward or there's a lull in conversation, the hosts step in and take topics from the audience to help the date out," said Garrett, 28.

Audience members can send in topics to talk about or vote someone off the date -- or they can do what Nedimyer did, and slide into the show's DMs with a request to go on stage.

Forman got the idea around 2017, when he was working for Facebook in San Francisco.

The idea is to have a hyper-focused show for niche audiences in local communities, then use Instagram to host more events around the Up Dating brand and sell merchandise to followers, Forman said.