Converse backdating

06-Oct-2019 04:00

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For example, in 1999 the defendants set the option price a share below the fair market value on the day the options were actually granted.

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In two related actions, the government seized over million from two investment accounts held in the United States in Alexanders name based on his alleged participation in a stock options fraud and a money laundering scheme involving the secret transfer of more than million to accounts in Israel in an effort to conceal the funds from U. As alleged in the complaint, the defendants abused their positions in order to enrich themselves and favored employees at the expense of the investing public, stated U. The alleged scheme of these defendants in back-dating options victimized both Comverse shareholders and the American people, said Assistant Director Burrus of the FBI.If you have been granted one of the above listed EXEMPTIONS, you may begin your payments in October and make your payments in ten (10) equal installments without incurring penalty and interest, if paid according to the following schedule: The deadlines for the payment options are mandated in accordance to the Property Tax Code. Reminder notices are mailed to the current address on the tax records just prior to the deadlines.