Consolidating student loans after bankruptcy botswana dating website

07-Mar-2020 10:24

Erasing student loans through bankruptcy requires an additional lawsuit known as an adversary proceeding.To kick this off, you — or your attorney, more likely — must file a written complaint outlining your case.» MORE: How to get loan forgiveness through borrower defense to repayment To discharge student loans via bankruptcy, you will have to prove they pose an “undue hardship” during your adversary proceeding. Most use what’s known as the Brunner test to determine whether bankruptcy filers’ student loans meet the undue hardship standard.You must prove that you meet all three parts of the Brunner test to get your college debt discharged: 1.

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You wouldn’t need to go to court to settle your student loans, though you may want to hire an attorney.While student loan bankruptcy discharge is possible, it’s likely only worth exploring in the following instances: » MORE: Debt relief: Understand your options and consequences These situations are no guarantee a bankruptcy court will discharge your student loans, but it has happened for some borrowers.