Computer geek dating

17-Dec-2019 23:27

The best part—he doesn’t expect you to be interested in his hobbies, and doesn’t feel the need to explain them to you either (Honestly, who can say that about Monday night football? They’re also very appreciative of small gestures like homemade cards (bonus points if you incorporate a nerdy pun like “you auto-complete me! But really, what man doesn’t love a delicious baked good? Doubling as a date night or fun on the town with some friends, this gives both of you a chance to de-stress and have a good time! I can honestly say that my husband’s friends are also my best friends—one of them was even the JP at our wedding! He can also keep up with my lightning-fast banter, which would likely fall on deaf ears and confused faces were he an aforementioned meathead.The best part about marrying a geek is that they come in all different packages, all of which have something wonderfully unique and understated to offer.They’ve honed their skill of being funny from years of watching comedies, reading magazines, and improving their functional intelligence. Geeks are great at self-reflection and self-observation. Most women just want a regular, down-to-earth man they can connect with.They’ve lived their entire lives being analytical and thinking everything through. They want someone who they can easily relate to, share interests with, and share commonalities with. A geek is not someone who blurts things out before thinking them over.You are even being an effective communicator when you show up to pick your daughter up from the mall when you say you will.You are communicating to her that she can rely on you.

From communication practices, to relationship knowledge, to sexual techniques even, geeks can learn ! Geeks don’t typically have an exorbitant amount of friends.Effective communicators don’t react to situations with high emotion.