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09-Jun-2020 13:02

I couldn’t understand at first how this handsome, funny guy was having problems.

And then I realized the longer we’ve dated, how come..

Things like if a guy is talking to another girl wouldn't really bother me because I refuse to develop enough feelings for him that if he did leave with her instead, I don't have too much to lose. I don't adjust my schedule for a date vs the other way around.

If someone were to date me, they'd have to teach me to realize that a relationship is two people and that I don't need to feign independence just so that I don't get hurt.edit:grammar It’s kinda weird, I’m a complete virgin too (especially having to do with relationships) but I get really irritated when someone seems too interested too quickly.

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In comparison, my last two serious relationships were over 3 years each.

He has a very difficult time seeing from my perspective (and I had to take a giant step back and understand why he is how he is). But we both put in effort to make it work and while it isn’t perfect, our major fights are very minimal and we’re both actively trying. I try to be more understanding of how he is and he’s making more active steps to listen to me better, too.