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14-Nov-2019 11:08

There’s zero chance he will win.” The reason I thought … I said his father was an orangutan and offered million to anyone who could prove he wasn’t — as a joke.

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The way he tried to influence Jim Comey, that’s something you do to a housing inspector. You’re just not supposed to win the presidency that way. PG Both of you spend a lot of time on the road, doing speaking engagements and stand-up. BM When you’re a comedian, there’s nothing greater than comede-ing, getting up on a stage and making people laugh. BM It’s a bitter pill that the Trump voter is my age, my race and my gender. "As a general matter, obviously language that denigrates women is inappropriate," Carney said. I admit to being a pottymouth," Maher said on a recent episode of his HBO show "Real Time with Bill Maher." Still, the controversy won’t go away.

For his part, Maher said liberals should accept Limbaugh’s apology, but he declared he’s no Limbaugh. On March 7, the news website The Daily reported that Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod was slated to appear on Maher’s show in the coming weeks. I hope Sarah Palin gets in so that they split the MILF vote.

She has long eschewed the ubiquitous trappings of modern society: the cellphone and computer. And the borscht belt comics did jokes about being Jewish. The borscht belt comics weren’t drawing a distinction between themselves and the audience. PG I know you don’t consider yourselves contrarians, but when The Times said there was a 91 percent chance of Hillary winning, did you see Trump coming?