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12-Aug-2020 03:47

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Most people’s first awareness of stand-up comic Charlyne Yi was from her appearance as the chronically stoned slacker Jodi in Judd Apatow’s 2007 movie Knocked Up, but at Sundance this year, audiences were able to get a look at Yi’s own very unique sense of humor with Paper Heart, a romantic mockumentary that effectively blurred the line between true romance and the kind that’s been fictionalized by Hollywood and the tabloids.

In fact, when the trio walked up to introduce themselves, we immediately began talking to Johnson about how most people will automatically assume Jake is the director of the film and have no idea who Nick was, which is where we join the conversation as Jake tells us how pretending to be a director posed some problems while interacting with their interview subjects…Jake Johnson: The Elvis one especially, Nick wanted me to walk in and introduce myself as “Nick” in case he wanted to use those intros, and Elvis was like “Hey, man, you can do a nice dolly shot coming in here,” and I was like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, cool, definitely, dolly shot.

I’m going to ask that guy over there who is part of the crew to make the final call.”Nick Jasenovec: (impersonating Jake pretending to be a director) “Put down that track thingy and let’s do this.”Johnson: “Let’s shoot this baby!

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If you met someone on camera while we were shooting the movie and fell in love”… And she was like, “Yeah, well that’s not going to happen.”Yi: It’s probably going to take a couple years. Jasenovec: I don’t think you ever told me what you were doing.When I came with that idea to Nick, he wanted me to be on camera, which I hadn’t planned on doing.I think he was hoping that I would fall in love during the making of (the movie).”CS: It could have been a whole different movie if you got Seth Rogen or any other actor to do it.

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Jasenovec: Yeah, we probably would have instinctively just sort of pulled from our group of friends, so it very easily could have been Seth Rogen and Charlyne Yi falling in love.

It’s a strange movie to talk about because first of all, people who see it without knowing anything just assume it’s all real and then you start questioning which parts might be fake.